A Chatbot powered messaging platform for schools

Your school’s messaging platform for parents and students that helps you manage on-demand communication, save time.


Communication tools built for education and focused on learning outcomes

Real-time communication for updates, announcements, and instructions – all in chat. Schools engage with the people they need to reach and analyze the data that matters.

Clear and consistent communication that closes the gap in learning. AskPhoenix combines all aspects of school communication, coordination, and classroom management


Connect with students, build fantastic classroom communities

Smart educators know that parent engagement helps improve students’ learning outcomes. Smart schools engage parents and provide easy access to all the crucial information on student achievement from the school, and teachers.

Teachers reduce their daily hassle and workload, both inside and outside the classroom and bridge the gap between teachers and parents. With communication tools built inside chat, AskPhoenix helps you be that teacher for your students.


Get Parents Involved and on Track

Educators all around the world agree that parent involvement improves student learning outcomes. Connect, communicate quickly and easily with your kids’ teachers to stay on top of their academic progress, all from the messaging app you already use.

AskPhoenix makes it easy for parents to become involved and provides simple and secure access to all school-parent-student communication.


Learning experiences made easy, social, and interactive

Rich communication between the classroom and student in an era of instant communication through chat. AskPhoenix makes sure you get the information you need, when you need it, right on your phone.

Specifically designed for education and enabling content to be delivered through chat so students can access information when they need it, creating a more personalized and practical learning experience.

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