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🎉 Milestone #1…..REACHED

WOW! It's been an amazing first twenty days! 🎉
We are thrilled to announce that we have achieved our first milestone.
Our first batch of innovative Language schools has closed. The adoption rate is phenomenal; it has exceeded our most bullish projections.
24 February 2022
26 January 2022

🚀 The Launch

We opened AskPhoenix to the market! The journey begins!

👨‍💻 Build-Measure-Learn

Product testing continued and prepared for retail launch

06 June 2021
01 May 2021

😬 The TEST

We built out the platform that consists of multiple services working in-sync across the cloud. Our goal from day 1 was to build something so easy to use that would transform the learning experience. We finally had everything working…..and then released it for beta testing.